Am I loveful?

I can tell you whatever I want
It won´t be the truth
It won´t be the untruth

(Chorus III with speed change:)

"Where is my past gone?
Where are my rights gone?
Where is my conscience gone?
Where is my moral gone?
I don´t know 'cause
There´s only me"
(end speed change)

Do you really believe I feel sad?
Do you really believe I feel guilty?
Maybe I hope you do 'cause
I will be your wreckage

(Chorus IV and fade out:)

"Now I feel the mover's here
Now I can hear his whisper
Now I can see his power
Now I can see his intention
Now I can feel my freedom
Now I can hear the sounds
Now I can see the lights
That lights my mind so bright"

(Called out loud at the end)

Do you still believe God isn't egoismn?

(© Jonathan Dilas - Warrior-Series)