M.E. 12-24

Now you're activated again
You know it will be new

The darkness is gone
The total recall begins now
Shift your mind to see

Recognize yourself and move inward
To the source of yourself
It was your desire

Open your hand for the new programme
Shift your mind and move your focus
Reach the free motion


"There're no secrets
There're no fears
There're no visions
There's only you
There's no evil
There's no good
There's only your perception"

Within this sparkle
Within this motion
You know your future
You know your past
You know your present


"...Move to recall"

I went this way
I know the traps
Activate your feelings and
Activate your memories now


"There are no secrets
There are no fears
There are no visions
There is only you
There is no evil
There is no good
There is only your perception"

Within this atmosphere
I can feel you so clearly
And now you know
That I need you too

(© Jonathan Dilas, 1994)