Searching the Friend
(or: Searching the animus)

Cold streets
Murders atmosphere
Last hero
Can you search here
The first enemy looks like Nero
Naked people
Are calling for redemption
'Please kill me!'

(Background call:)

Do you hear?

She stand there
With her sword of revenge
No smile on her face
Without any fear

(Background call:)

Can you see her?


"I'm searching the last friend
I must have anywhere!
I'll find you
I'll save you and I'll take you back "

She begs to her gods
For help
She looks around and whispers
'He must be here! I'm sensing it!'

Last warrior searches the last warrior
A lonely tear-drop

(Background call:)

Warriors know no fear?

She walks down the streets
She feels pain in her eyes
The searching fills her
With sadness and cold love

(© Jonathan Dilas, Warrior-Series)