Streaming through opposite positions
Knowing that he could die
He screams and begs to his Gods

'Do you remember these feelings
I think you do but
You're too afraid to recall your memories
I know it because I'm your future'

His thoughts and feelings changes quick
He doesn't know what happens


"Am I you or me?
Am I you and me?
Am I no-one of them?
I don't know"

What happens with me if you'll arise?
What happens with me if I enter your world? (background: "...again")
What can I do if I wake up and can't remember?

I wake up and still listening to a song
I must have heard anywhere...

Chorus: (fadeout)
I can feel the motion
I can feel the coming motion
I can feel that you miss me
I can feel that you want to be here
I can feel that you're waiting
I can feel my other side

(© Jonathan Dilas, Warrior-Series)