I gave you Wings

I gave you wings
And a new identity
A happy beginning
And a sad end

I create your dreams
Well and truly in my design
I'm the night and the darkness
The light and the burning sun

In one second you are the evil priest
And in the next a simple maidservant
Hunt you up to the honourable knight
And quickly down to the pleading beggar

Unbelievable? Maybe!
But now you have a new identity
And I can change your destiny
Whenever I wish

For me there are no decisions
Forgivings, conscience and lies
So, try to follow me
If you can find me
But I think
I'm really hard to find

I am the key
To your true identity
But you will have forgot it all
Maybe you still remember a bit
Who has won the fight
But now there's only me...

And what about you?
You stroll in a small world now
That has never existed before
For you

(© Jonathan Dilas, Warrior-Series)