Your faces... hidden
On different levels
Under your control

All these visions...
Eternal silence

In ages
No-one seems to recall


"All these faces you fear..."

Do you really believe
Revelation is the only goal that
Enlights your mind
And flying beings
Masquerade realities

Someone like you avoids
To question something
Or to stop these funny games
People entangle you

(Chorus, just one line)

"All these faces you fear...
All these faces you still fear..."

How long are you already entangled
Also if you say ´it is not´
Voices sound all around
In your head and heart
No-one dares to listen to all of them
Gyrations: endless

Planes you could see
Revelations you could have
Imperceptible for now
Nothing seems to be like usually
Clown of you tries to get
Into your network of entangles
Perception is plastic and new
Liars you can see suddenly
Equips you with new power which
Slips subtil through your mind

(Chorus, just one line)

"All these faces you fear..."

(© Jonathan Dilas, Warrior-Series)