We are Software

There's no vision
That you cannot follow
In these times
Of your rising various selves
That are just programs like you

Me. I need the signs and reigns
But there is no real designer
I could find out there
The truth I couldn't find
So that is, this world's indeed
Just a program


"Now I know
Now I know
I am
I am...
Just software

Now I
Now I...
That your vision
Is my program

We are
We are
No longer apart
By my white lies
I even promised to the designer"

(Chorus End)

You. You are my god.
And your vision is my program
And your name is partly unknown
But I know
I know...
That you're the designer

Please keep me
Please keep me...
In your matrix.

(Fading out chrous:)

My dear. My dear...
I am really not here...
My dear. My dear.
This to see
Is my fear


"Now I know
Now I know
I am
I am...
Just software....

(© Jonathan Dilas, Warrior-Series)